Real Estate Scams to Watch out For – MD Properties Qatar

Whenever you discover a movement money involved you are certain to discover scam artists who are more than prepared to part you with your well-deserved money. Real estate is same and there are many scams that people with less than honest intentions will try. By being aware of these regular real estate scams you can... Continue Reading →

Documents Needed When Applying For a Mortgage

You are excited about the prospect of owning your own home, have worked hard to ensure your credit score is decent, and believe you are just about ready to discuss loan options with a lender. Before meeting with a lender, or going out house hunting, you need to start gathering the documents needed when applying... Continue Reading →

Top 6 myths about home pricing

Overpriced home don’t sell. First of all understanding how real estate work is critical to seller’s success to the selling quickly at the best possibilities (price).  If you want best result don’t buy into the following myths about the pricing your home to sell. You will only be setting up for failure. An offer that... Continue Reading →

Qatar real estate market – MD Properties

The report focuses on around general market size for Qatar rental and sales real estate, Qatar online and broker market, segmentation on the basis of type of market, sub-segmentation on the basis of segment and by property types Villas, apartments, residential complex, towers and palaces etc. The report additionally covers major players, part of brokers... Continue Reading →

What Is a Real Estate Developer?

A real estate developer is a professional in the field of real estate who manages development projects for new real estate properties. A real estate developer is very similar to a movie producer. They are the ones who manage the different aspects of a development project, find the appropriate staff to hire, and make most... Continue Reading →

Qatar real estate property rules – MD Property

Qatar’s real estate industry has proofed according growth in now this year. The skyline of Doha’s business district is every time described as having been transformed fully night in what is now a panorama of strikingly unique skyscrapers. The construction industry is expected to continue to grow in the coming years, as the country opens up... Continue Reading →

Qatar real estate investment tips – MD Properties

Top Investment From experience, we understand that our customers want to minimize any risks concerning their investment. Our exhaustive development evaluation process is designed to identify any possible Risks to mitigate them– whether immediate or potential. However, we also know that customers frequently wish to make their own personal assessment prior to committing valuable financial... Continue Reading →

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